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We wanted to try a few new things, like answering some of life's big questions with a single-elimination bracket featuring one-day voting rounds by our viewers and readers. Thus, this little Blogger site, which makes it easy for us. To go back to our main site, click here: www.13WMAZ.com

Friday, October 26, 2012



(it's that easy.)

Rules for the Best Movies for Halloween Bracket

We started to compile a list of our favorite scary movies to watch around Halloween, but then we thought it'd be so much better if you, our viewers, helped out. So we asked for your favorites and now we're asking you to vote, picking sides as your favorites go head-to-head. 

Disclaimer: Yes, we know we left off a lot of good movies, and though we kind of ranked these, it's a little bit like throwing darts in the dark. So forgive us our shortcomings and have fun.

The way this works:

  • Each Round lasts for a day, meaning voting is open for each round only one day.
  • The winner of their match-up moves on to the next round in the bracket.
  • We'll post the winner of each round at 13WMAZ to announce the next round.
  • There are no prizes. Just bragging rights and a fun distraction from work you could be doing.
  • Share the love and pass the link around to your friends.
Notes: When you see a movie title for a film that either a) has been remade (sometimes more than once), or b) was made in another country under a title in that country's language, or c) is part of a series in a franchise of films... ...pick your favorite. 

That means, if you like the original Japanese version, Ringu, better than the American version, The Ring, then close your eyes and pretend we meant Ringu. Same goes for something like The Evil Dead, which was essentially remade once as Evil Dead II and has recently been remade for release in 2013--if you like Army of Darkness, the third installment, better then close your eyes and pretend we meant that one. If you like the original Dracula more than Francis Ford Coppola's take on it--or you, for some untold reason, like Gus Van Sant's shot-by-shot remake of Psycho more than Hitchcock's original--close your eyes and pretend we meant the one you like most. 

The only rule that matters is that you have fun with this.